Bobcat Clinic

Welcome to Belle Terre Elementary Schools Bobcat Clinic

Hours: 8:00 AM- 3:30 PM
Clinic Phone: 386-447-1500 (EXT.6113 or 6114)
Email: Deven Mespelli

Borrowed Clothing: 
The clinic has a limited supply of clothing to loan students for bathroom accidents. These clothes need to be washed and returned to the clinic. A parent/guardian will be called to bring the student a change of clothing if we are running low or don't have a particular size. We do encourage all parent to supply your student with a change of clothes, if your student is getting used to going to bathroom alone. 

Excessive Clinic Visits: No student will ever be kept from coming to the clinic. There are student dressing up as nursestudents who make excessive visits to the clinic and miss valuable classroom time. If this occurs, we will contact the parent/guardian to discuss your child's needs

Immunizations: It is the parent's responsibility to keep up with your child's immunizations. The clinic sends out reminder notices as a courtesy, before the student's immunization exemption expires. If an updated student immunization certification is not provided to clinic by the expiration date, a parent or guardian will be called to pick the student up. The student will not be allowed to stay in class and will wait in clinic to be picked up.

Lice: Flagler County has “No Nit” policy. Any student sent home with lice/nits cannot return to school until checked and cleared by the nurse. The student will not be allowed to ride the bus, attend extended day, or attend any school functions until cleared. Student needs to be checked daily in clinic, if student is found positive; they will be given an excused absence and must make up their school work. If student fails to come to school for head check, than the day’s absence will be unexcused for that day. A flow sheet will be maintained by clinic.

Screening: Specific Health Screenings to include grades Pre K-12 by request or as needed. If you choose to Opt out of Health Screening please complete the following form by visiting our forms library. For further information, please review some helpful links below.