Uniform Colors



Belle Terre Elementary School 2015-2016 School Uniform Shirts

Belle Terre Elementary allows blue, gray and pink; as well as black and white.
**this includes: Zip or button-up or over the head (hoodies) sweatshirts or sweaters.

On designated school Spirit Days or special events, students my wear their school logo t-shirt, team jersey, or club shirt.  This will be at each school principal's discretion.


Dress Code Quick Reference Guide
Parents and students, please see the reminders below.  

  • Bottom attire colors include white, grey, khaki, navy, black, and denim. 
  • If belt loops are VISIBILE, a belt must be worn.  Any solid color.  Not just black or brown.
  • BTES schools shirt colors are solid white, black, grey, blue, or pink. 
  • NO LACE or sheer shirts.  STANDARD polos and button ups.
  • FRIDAY is Spirit Day for all schools.  Students may wear t-shirts, BUT they have to represent the SCHOOL THEY ATTEND.  Other Spirit Days are to be determined by the school.
  • Solid color sweatshirts and sweaters. COATS must also be solid color-camoflauge is not permitted.
  • Hats are permitted outside buildings and on announced spirit days.
  • Students shoes must ENCLOSE the foot, such as sneakers and other athletic shoes.
  • An absence due to violation of Dress Code policy is UNEXCUSED.

Please read the dress code guidlines - "School Dress and Personal Appearance" for all other information pertaining to the uniform guidelines.

School Uniform Dress Code
Uniform Policy Q & A