What does a tentacle have to do with a sandbox? There is an underlying meaning, we assure you - besides, look how neat it looks on the walls. Using California based inspiration, Belle Terre has recently completed assembly of their second state-of-the-art, next generation, insanely well decorated, pleasantly colored learning space. A cousin to /evolve and a pronounced champion of its kind, its main focus is to encourage small group collaboration while promoting personal perseverance and maintaining “green wise” obligations. Tons and tons of research was spent during the decision to implement  this space. The sandbox at BTES is also the only elementary school lab in the nation wielding Tidebreak TeamSpot collaborative learning software. Extensive training is offered daily to ensure our teachers have a firm grasp on the correct operation of the equipment in order to teach effectively. Our IT support staff is also always available to assist teachers “tech out” already created curriculum. Come check it out- we guarantee that you will forget you are in public school institution.

Equipment aside, the general vibe we’ve witnessed the sandbox create within the students has been a humbling experience. Typical classroom layouts, believe it or not, do have an effect on student performance as well as overall morale. Providing our students with a space that is very laid back and casual has seemed to breathe new life into instruction as well as the “classroom”. Students occupying sandbox also have direct access to the latest tech gadgetry we are fortunate enough to provide. Any piece of digital equipment offered to our instructional staff is and always will be 100% available for our students to operate, which is one of the reasons you will never find a “teacher station” in either of our PIEs (paperless integrated environments).

Engineered with class and sophistication, sandbox offers the “how” in order to be creative and productive with any assignment for any grade level. The walls are swaddled with 42in LCD televisions and upgraded MacMinis - the ceiling suspends two industry leading projectors and the Node chairs, built by Steelcase ( well those speak for themselves, however, it’s the students that make sandbox a success.