Robotic Squad Falcontech

This is the very first Vex Robot Built by the Belle Terre Robotics Squad Falcontech.  It's name is Rapport and it can pick up and put down items through a student controller.  It's twin brother, Kurhv, is under reconstruction in preparation for competition in the year 2015-2016.




NEFEC 2015 STEM Expo took place on May 8, 2015 at the Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL.  It included many 7-12th graders from a variety of counties and schools across Northeast Florida and my Robotic Squad 6th graders from BTES.  Many students presented their projects as other students observed and asked questions.  Our very own Falcontech students presented our two Vexbots (Rapport and Kuhrv) and also our Mindstorms, which were our stepping stone into the Vex Robotics, and attended forums such as Game Design and Meteorology, given by experts in those fields.  They were absolutely amazing (much better prepared and presenters than the high schoolers) and received many compliments from other students, teachers, NEFEC Employees and attendees for their superb knowledge and dedication to their STEM program.  Their presentation included a question and answer session from the crowd, and even the director of NEFEC!  They were amazing!  Making BTES AND Flagler County shine above all!