Flagship Friday-3rd Grade


Every Friday is FLAGSHIP FRIDAY in the BTES 3rd Grade!  Students participated in multiple projects throughout the year that tied our STEM curriculum in with our FLAGSHIP ideals.  Students spent time researching, problem solving, and completing projects that incorporated Innovation, Robotics, Engineering and Computer Sciences!  Many of our Enrichment students also became Student Facilitators who were able to go into their homeroom classes and facilitate projects with peers!


Some of the many activities that students participated in were:


·      Robotics lab: Building Lego vehicles and racing them

·      Creating lava lamps and exploring chemical reactions, mixtures and the Scientific Process and then using all of the information to create Googledocs presentations to share their new knowlege

·      Creating Non-Newtonian Fluid and testing Hypothesis to prove if it is a liquid or solid by racing airplanes and cars across the mixture

  • Innovations in logical thinking and problem solving by Saving Fred, the worm who couldn’t swim, and creating a better tomorrow for our world by finding creative solutions to recycling
  • Next is a picture for the 3rd grade Flagship Friday page:  Mrs. Grego is revealing what she ordered with the Education Foundation grant funding.  The students had to predict what was inside based on what they had learned this year in Science and Flagship Fridays.  They were very excited, as she revealed self-sustaining gardening systems, as well as solar powered car kits.