4th Grade

Students in Mrs. Irving’s class use programmable robots to complete various challenges.  When one student asked, “How fast does Shpero go at top speed?” Mrs. Irving challenged them to figure it out.   Armed with  the formula speed=distance/time, a measuring tape, iPads and their Spheros, students spread out around the campus to determine exactly how fast the robots could travel at top speed on various surfaces.

4th grade students on the Albert/Irving team are using Minecraft to show what they are learning in the core subject areas.  Challenge topics include: Area and Perimeter, Force and Motion, Story Mapping and many, many more.  The culminating project will involve a team build of Castillo de San Marcos built to scale -  complete with facts about the fort and a virtual tour.  Students are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to gather the data they need for the build during our field trip to St. Augustine in May.