1st Grade

Students in first grade participate in an iRECS rotation.  
They program and guide robots, such as the Sphero and Bee Bot, through self designed mazes.
Students work collaboratively with Cublets to make them light up, sense light, and move in different directions.
These first graders use creativity and engineering to build with Legos. 
The Tiggly allows this student to use math manipulatives with his iPad in this digital activity.
These girls are using the Osmo to spell the name of the picture that comes up.



1 - These students are using task cards to engineer pipeline in this STEM water play.
2 - Great critical thinking is taking place while students use the Osmo, with the Tangram app on the iPad, to create patterns and pictures.
3 - These first graders are engineering bridges for Billy Goat’s Gruff Bridge.  They have to make sure to adjust the balance and weight for the Troll.
4 – Students follow task cards to make roller coasters and get the gears to go down.
5 & 6 – Students use snap circuits to snap together electrical parts to make electrical projects, such as a working an or a light bulb.

These first graders are engaged working collaboratively and independently on several different activities.  Some of these activities and interactive manipulatives include Tigglys, the Osmo, and Touchtronic Math Numbers.  Some students are also using the Touchscreen TV.