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      A full-time Licensed Nurse and Health Assisant is on duty during school days for your convenience.


Flagler County School Board policy prohibits students from carrying any medication to school, from school, or during school. This policy includes cough drops, sunscreen, eye drops, lozenges, skin creams, and non-prescription and prescription medications. Therefore, all medications must be brought to school by a parent /guardian accompanied by the correct paperwork from the physician. Medication brought to school by a student cannot be administered Medication cannot be returned to the student to take home. Unauthorized medication will be taken and disposed of. Each medicine must be in its original container and must match the doctor’s order exactly.

**Epi-Pens, prescription inhalers, diabetic medications and supplies, and pancreatic enzymes may be carried by the student with a written authorization by the parent and physician.

The parent/guardian must complete appropriate paperwork with the school nurse IN ADVANCE of the student carrying these items.

No student is allowed to carry any kind of medication to or from school. If a student needs to have medication during school hours, a parent/guardian will need to bring the medication to the school clinic and complete the appropriated paperwork. Any changes in medication must be in writing and brought to the clinic. This includes any over the counter medications (Tylenol, Advil) cough drops, antacids, etc. Students are allowed to carry inhalers with a doctor's authorization.

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