Car Rider Information

Dropping Off and Picking Up
All students will be dropped off on the southside parking area starting at 8:25. ONLY students with special needs (with a special drop off pass) will be allowed to be dropped off in the front off the school closest to their classroom beginning at 8:30. 
To speed up the flow of traffic entering and exiting our school during morning drop off, ALL students will be dropped off on the south side of our campus.  Students will NOT be dropped off in front of our school.  Please help us make this a speedy process by remaining in your lane and in your vehicle while your child exits the automobile.  It is also helpful if students are prepared with backpack and other materials in hand when arriving on campus.  Should you see that your child needs additional time to gather belongings, we encourage you to park and get organized prior to proceeding through the line.  Upon entering the unloading area, please pull to the end in order to minimize unloading time for everyone.  Adults will be available to assist smaller students with exiting vehicles, but students are encouraged to exit the vehicle when it comes to a complete stop.  
Students in grades Pre K, K,  and 1st  will be picked up in the afternoons on the south side of the school (side closest to Indian Trails).  Students in grades 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th will be picked up in the front of the school.  Car rider numbers may be picked up in the front office.  Numbers from the previous year may be requested but are not guaranteed.  Please be sure to hang the tag from the mirror each day displaying the car rider number.  Displaying the number and helping your child learn their number will expedite this process.  When picking up your child, if you find that you do not have your tag, you will need to present photo identification.  If you need additional hangers, please call the front office and we will be happy to assist you.  
Morning and afternoon pickup and drop off may take longer than usual during the first few weeks of school.  Please be patient and plan accordingly.  Student safety is our number one priority!